Live Session Updates:

    Active HQ

    The HQ of what we do!

    Located in North Kidlington, a good sized, bespoke training studio that is available to you, your friends or your company to hire for exclusive use only.



    There is no public access and this is not a gym where you will simply sign up and go through the motions. You will be with your coach through the entire session so that you get the very best from your workout and valuable time.

    Attention to detail is paramount so we can get you where you want to be.

    We make sure you move correctly then make sure you move often to challenge the physical and mental aspects of movement.

    We Analyse, Aim & Activate!

    The emphasis on the training methodology of the studio is to “your body is designed to move as a unit so lets train as a unit”.

    ‘Why train here with us, what is the Project Active  difference?’

    • There are no costly joining fees or recurring membership fees; you simply pay for the sessions you book, with a variety of prices and packages to choose from and suit your needs!


    • All sessions at the studio are led by your trainer, whether 1-2-1, duo or small group. As we’ll be with you every step of the way, planning, motivating and coaching you through your workouts, you will get the most out of each and every one! A complete Athlete centred approach.
    • You will always receive a warm and friendly welcome from our team; you will not just be another face in the crowd, you will become part of the Project Active community.
    • Join us and train in a dedicated environment without distraction, and with other like-minded people!
    • Benefit from a positive, focused, fun and active atmosphere.
    • Plentiful space with innovative and specialized equipment; we’ve selected our kit with thought and focus, choosing industry leading brands
    • We guarantee an interactive and total body workout, which is effective and will help you achieve results!
    • Listen to your music via our music system!


    • A thoughtful and cohesive team, our trainers work together with each other and you.
    • A competitive and varied selection of training prices and packages to choose from; you’ll be spoilt for choice. Choose from pay as you go, to buy in bulk training block personal training options and from 1-2-1, duo, or small group training services.
    • We are experienced, approachable and we listen! With over 15 years combined experience working in the Personal Training industry, we are knowledgeable, confident and qualified.


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