Circuits and spinning: the lowdown

Posted by on Friday, December 23, 2016

Spinning class

Why incorporate circuits into my fitness regime?

Ben: ‘To improve strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.’

What does it involve?

Circuit training is a series of exercises performed in a consecutive manner. A good circuit training course works the different sections of the body individually and usually includes a combination of both aerobic exercise and strength (resistance) training.

Give me the stats

The amount of calories burned per workout depends on its intensity and duration, the exercises selected and the exerciser’s body weight. Circuit training has been reported to burn approximately 500-600 kcal/ hour.

Improved body composition and higher metabolism

Research demonstrates that circuit training decreases fat mass 6, and strength training increases lean body mass, which is more metabolically active than fat. Routine strength training builds muscles that burn more calories both during exercise and at rest (basal metabolic rate) for a higher metabolism, which helps with fat loss and weight management.


Why incorporate spinning into my fitness regime?

Ben: ‘It’s a low-impact workout that burns calories and improves cardiovascular health.’

What does it involve?

Group indoor cycling on fixed bikes to music. The class focuses on speed, strength and endurance and you’ll move through a range of positions on the bike, changing pedal speed and resistance. We’ll show you how to set up your bike in the optimum position for performance and comfort.

Give me the stats

You can burn up from 500-700 calories depending on the effort you put in. You’re in charge of your own workout as you ultimately control the resistance on the bike. It’s as challenging as you make it and it’s great for all fitness levels.

Toned legs and a great abdominal workout

Spinning is one of the best workouts for burning calories and relieving stress. It focuses on core muscles, as well as the buttocks and thighs and abdominal area. It’s also sociable as you’re exercising in a group.

To view the timetable for our 2017 classes and to book a term visit the Project Active website.

Bringing the workout to you

At Project Active we specialise in bringing the workout to you, spin bikes included! We cater for individuals, small groups and large groups; we can train at your home, workplace, a public space, or you can join us in our studio! For more information on our range of services, please get in touch.