How To Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Goals

Posted by on Friday, July 12, 2013

This month we have seen some of the finest athletes in the world grace the courts at Wimbledon. The male and female competitors have shown tremendous conditioning, battling heat and nerves to perform at their peak. Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Aggie Radwanska and Sabine Lisicki have performed with precision and courage to reach the semifinals. Quirky Marion Bartoli is a finalist and although all these players have very different styles, they have one thing in common.

wimbledonThese athletes know how to train and embrace training as a lifestyle. Their livelihoods depend on their conditioning. While we mortals may not be able to dedicate the time or have the desire to maintain that level of fitness, the chances are we have considered a workout routine at some point. The benefits of a healthy workout routine are well-documented. But, in the UK, we, for some reason, tend to overlook the facts.

For some examples, consider these facts:

  • 60 percent of UK residents have a body mass index (BMI) rating of overweight or obese.
  • In 2009, 38 percent of UK adults had a raised weight circumference greater than 102cm for men and 88cm for women. We know this is unhealthy.
  • 70 percent of UK residents who do partake in workouts at a fitness center concentrate on improving their upper body.
  • In the UK, most residents do not participate in regular exercise. 90 percent of those who do engage in physical activity on a regular basis, exercise 3 hours per week.

What Does It Mean?

We do not have to be professional athletes to appreciate the workout disciplines of the players at Wimbledon. These people work out every day. It is a lifestyle choice. For our health, for the benefit of those who depend upon us, we should develop a workout routine and stick with it.

Fitness Training Tips To Stay The Course

Most of us go through periods where we decide enough is enough. We join a fitness program and gradually work our way into a routine. We feel better. We feel energized. But, then we begin to think we don’t need to spend this time taking care of ourselves. It almost never fails. Some of us overcome these doubts but most UK residents succumb.

Hopefully these tips will help you develop a routine that is challenging enough to be healthy and inspires you to stay with it.IMG_4696

Setting Realistic Goals – Successful fitness exercisers set realistic, achievable short and long-term goals. These goals should not change every day, or every week. Be patient. Be Safe. You must take the time to set realistic goals and develop a strategy to achieve them. If you set lofty goals, you will get discouraged. Accomplish your long-term goals through a series of short-term initiatives. You can start by walking a mile on the treadmill at 2.5 speed per day. Your long-term goal might be to walk three miles at 3.5 speed every day. Don’t rush to get there. Build up your endurance. After your walk, lift 10-15-20 pounds on a number of stationary lifting pieces. An hour and you are done. Your long-term lifting goal might be 50 or 60 pounds. Again, don’t rush.

Ask for Help – If you are not sure how to operate the treadmill or how to position the stationary equipment, ask for assistance. In the beginning always concentrate on perfect form. If you do not understand exactly how to do an exercise correctly, get advice. In the beginning, always demand of yourself that form is the most important achievement.

Change Your Diet – Get advice about a good nutritional and balanced diet. Following this diet will allow you to realize the real gains of your workout routine. Cut down on sugar and eliminate salt. Always have water nearby when you exercise.

Maintain a Diary – Maintaining a diary for your workouts and exercise is an excellent way to keep your focus. Many fitness success stories begin with a schedule and a comparison, all recorded in the workout diary. Some days you will have to push yourself to meet your goals. Other days, time will fly.

Invest in Proper Attire – Footwear is especially important. Do not cut corners on good footwear. Purchase workout clothes that are comfortable and to your taste. Remember that your clothing sizes may soon be changing. However, when you dress to exercise, it lends a little formality and depth to your commitment.

Check Your Ego At The Door – One of the most important aspects of sustaining your workout commitment is to leave your ego behind. Your total focus should be on exercising correctly and achieving your goals. This is not a competition. Instead of thinking or exercise as a competition, focus on the progress you are making. Don’t think about who might be watching you. This is your time, your plan and your personal goals. This one hour a day is all about you.

If you have decided to take a greater interest in fitness, and need some help along the way, please do check out our Personal Training and Group Fitness sessions, or get in touch if you have any questions!

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