Nutritional planning

The food we eat gives us energy, builds our bones and muscles, and creates our hormones, which regulate how our body functions.  If we do not provide our body with the good nutrition that it requires, it can have a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing.

Our body’s nutritional requirement will change throughout life, and will vary depending on fitness and health. Without doubt what we eat has a direct impact on how we feel and our overall wellbeing.

Five reasons why you should consider Project Active’s nutritional planning:

Are you training for an event?

We can help plan your nutrition to complement your training so you hit your goals. On race day we can make sure you get the nutrition you need to hit your goal from the pre-race meal to the food and water intake during the event, and how to refuel to help your recovery.

Are you trying to lose weight for the long-term?

We will help you understand why and when you eat, help you set realistic targets for food consumption, and plan a personalised diet for you so you can change your eating habits for good.

Are you too busy to plan your meals?

Let us take the hard work out of planning meals. We know the impact increasingly busy lifestyles can have on the food we eat. We will provide you with a realistic meal plan that takes into account your lifestyle, budget and time available to buy, prepare and cook your meals so that you have a healthy balanced diet.

Are you managing a health condition such as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome?

We can analyse your diet and recommend the food you need to improve your nutritional balance and reduce your symptoms.

Are you recovering from a long-term illness or injury?

We will help speed your recovery by identifying your nutritional needs and make adjustments as you become more active so that you feel revitalised.

How does it work?

It’s all done on-line or over the phone depending on your preferences. We may need you to complete a questionnaire and keep a food diary.


£75 for an initial nutritional assessment and feedback.

£60 for a nutritional plan.

Weekly monitoring from just £25.

So whether it’s for a specific reason, or just to help stay fit, healthy and confident, a nutritionist can be invaluable.

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