Weight Management Programme

At last a weight management programme that gets results

Fresh from the USA, Dr. Cassandra Forsythe, Ph. D. is a nutrition expert who’s worked with thousands of people like you and me.  Besides having her doctorate in nutrition, she’s also a two-time best selling author, is an advisor to Shape and Women’s Health magazines, and owns her own weight loss & fitness facility where she works directly with clients.

We have got some really excited news…

As you know, nutrition is a HUGE part of the weight loss & fitness equation.  Even with the BEST training program ( like ours)  you simply can’t “out train a bad diet.”



Now, I know most of our clients try to do a good job with their nutrition, and we do our best to support you by providing you with healthy tips and tricks

We have seen some truly awesome results so far with our program, BUT we want to take things to the next level for you….

That’s why we’ve been searching high and low for a nutrition program that we could share with our clients.  We wanted something that would specifically educate you and give you the knowledge you need to succeed for the rest of your life, not just 21 days or 6 weeks…

In other words, we didn’t want just another diet program.  Instead, we wanted an educational program, much like what we would go through as coaches, which would teach you the truth about nutrition, give you the know how to make good nutrition decisions, AND help you understand why you’re making those decisions.  That extra knowledge also comes in handy when those inevitable conversations come up with colleagues and friends when they ask you something about nutrition, or worse – try to get you to buy into their latest multi-level marketing weight loss shake program…

So, here’s what we have  found and really want to get started with all of you right away:

Dr. Forsythe has put together what we believe is the BEST nutrition program available to consumers today

Lean University is the only nutrition program that’s designed to educate you about nutrition for LIFE.  The program is really easy to follow, yet it is very comprehensive.

Take a look at everything you will going to learn in the next 10 weeks…

    • Lesson 1 – What is a Healthy Diet?
    • Lesson 2 – Fundamentals of Nutrition
    • Lesson 3 – Cleaning Out Your Kitchen
    • Lesson 4 – The Power of Protein
    • Lesson 5 – Carbohydrate Foods: What, When, Who and Why
    • Lesson 6 – All About Dietary Fat
    • Lesson 7 – Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies
    • Lesson 8 – Sports Nutrition
    • Lesson 9 – The Truth About Weight Loss
    • Lesson 10 – Maintaining Healthy Weight for Life

Please let me know if you have any questions about Lean University after reviewing the information page.

This is a program that we truly believe everyone should go through.

You will also discover:

  • What a healthy diet really means
  • What types of foods you should be eating to get maximum results
  • When to eat these foods
  • How to keep yourself from falling back into old habits
  • What to keep in your kitchen at all times
  • Why carbs aren’t the enemy and how to best use them to get results
  • How fat in your diet helps you lose weight
  • What to eat to maximize your workouts and get incredible results
  • And much, much more!

The cost of this 10 week course is $99.00 US dollars approximately £60.00 GBP

Do not delay sign up now!

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