Live Session Updates:

    The Great Outdoors

    Our sessions incorporate strength and cardiovascular training; seasoned with core and balance techniques to create an effective and progressive experience.

    Sessions may include trail running, mountain biking and boot camp style circuits

    As you bask in the beauty of the outdoors you and your team will be made to do body weight exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc.); cardio intervals (running, side straddle hops, jumps, etc.) and ballistic drills that will keep you both pleading for mercy and begging for more!

    Using the energy of the outdoors, the motivation of the group and our tough love approach, we challenge your boundaries, stretch your imagination and bump your training level up a notch, regardless of your current fitness level.

    See our calender for the next session

    So if your goal is to tone up, lose body fat, lose weight, increase strength, increase endurance or to get out of your comfort zone, come and join the team to experience a fitness session will transform not only your mind and body but also embrace the great outdoors.

    Classes are not limited by conventional boundaries and the variety of class styles helps to maintain team camaraderie, enthusiasm and motivation. No matter the type of class delivered, be assured that no one will be left behind!

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