Judgement Day Reviewed

Posted by on Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Clair G recently took time to note down her experience of Judgement Day Obstacle Race in November 2014, please read her thoughts if you are considering on joining us in the near future.



“Last week, I took part in my first full obstacle race in the form Judgement Day, Bordan and I can safely say it won’t be my last!

 Signing up for this event relatively last minute (approximately 10 days before) meant that I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been for what lay ahead and would have to rely on my current fitness and determination (as well as the support of my team!) in order to get me through.

 The day started with drizzly rain and unfortunately this did not improve after the horn blew for the 10am wave! The course had a good mixture of events and distance run and the terrain for the most part was off-road and not too undulating. Parts of the course were more water/mud/bog based than I had anticipated however there was a brilliant atmosphere not only from our team of 7, but also from the other participants and from the Marshall’s. You were encouraged to try what you could and helped along if you were struggling (a lovely man swapped a tyre with me in the tyre run after I picked up one with a wheel!) and I was happy to help a lady over a hay bale to where her team mates were waiting to catch her. 


As the race (and rain) continued, the outer limits of my comfort levels were stretched fully and I did at one point (when the route teased us by taking us back via the start/finish area and back out on the course again) have to run a bit on my own and have a harsh conversation with myself! By this point we had been out for just under three hours and the wet running was beginning to take its toll however my team were great at keeping me focused and before I knew it, I was distracted by another obstacle that needed my attention!

 I was very pleased to cross the finish line with my team at 3 hours 22 minutes and beyond elated by the warm changing room facilities. Whilst the site and course were well organised and well marshalled, there wasn’t a cliquey feel you find at some events-everyone was there to have a good time safely and efficiently and it worked really well.

 I would say if anyone is thinking about signing up to an event like this-absolutely do it! It gives you the perfect opportunity to plan and train for something which then becomes a reality right before you and (once you have finally thawed out) the sense of achievement is absolutely amazing-not to mention the admiration you get from friends who are considering it!


Go on, Do it!”

Clair G