Red Nose Spinathon

Posted by on Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Red Nose ‘Spinathon’

Saturday 14th March at the Black Prince, Woodstock.







Quite simply the idea is for your team to keep the spin bike moving for 12 hours. Each team will consist of a maximum of 5 adult riders (children are welcome to join the team and do their part)

All proceeds will go to comic relief and local companies are encouraged to sponsor a bike for the day for £30.00.Start time will be around 0745.

The  Black Prince has very kindly agreed to host this for us so please encourage friends/family to join and support us.

Ideally we would like to have all 14 bikes on the go so we need 14 captains – who are then responsible for their team set up, rider timings etc…

There will also be a designed ‘kids’ Bike where the young ones can come and get involved also – no time limits, just as much as they want to.

So far bikes have been reserved for:

  1. Darke & Taylor Electrical
  2. Polythene UK
  3. Black Prince staff
  4. Black Prince Customers
  5. Lisa Clarke
  6. Emma Dove
  7. Mark Perisi
  8. Jess Huband
  9. Matty Kilcoyne
  10. Audley Travel x 2 Bikes



This leaves 2 bikes remaining, so please let us know if you want to be a ‘captain’ and put a team together. This is nothing to serious but simply raising a few pounds for comic relief and losing a few pounds along the way.

Any questions please ask us!





Where does the money go?

Comic Relief promise that for every pound donated by the public, a pound goes to helping people.

  • BenefitsofSpinThey can do this because the cost of running Comic Relief is met by cash donations from all types of organisations such as the government and corporate donors. Many of the people involved in Comic Relief also volunteer their services for free or are paid ‘in kind’ i.e. they swap their labour for something in return.
  • The cash raised by Comic Relief – over £250 million so far – aims to help people help themselves. The charity says they give grants to projects that are involved at a ‘grass roots’ level, helping some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK and Africa get a leg up, not a hand out.
  • A board of 20 experts decides exactly what the money will be spent on. They carefully consider every grant before it is agreed on. The board is made up of the Comic Relief grants staff, grants committees and the charity’s trustees.
  • Since Comic Relief began, 4,449 grants have been given to projects working with disadvantaged people in the UK, totalling £72,430,112.
  • Comic Relief has awarded Barnardo’s, Bristol BASE £34,182 for their work with young people vulnerable to abuse through prostitution. Other projects that benefited include a women’s refuge in Penzance to help women and children escaping domestic violence, a drop-in centre for young people with mental health problems in Abadare and schemes to help young male offenders in Northern Ireland to reduce their likelihood of re-offending.

  • Since 1988, Red Nose Day cash has funded 1,349 grants in Africa worth over £141.7 million for projects working with poor and disadvantaged people.
  • Some specific projects in Africa who have been helped by Comic Relief include Save the Children Fund for their work in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan helping ex-child soldiers rebuild their lives, a shelter programme to help slum dwellers across Kenya and Uganda gain access to land to build safe communities, and a youth centre in Tanzania that helps street kids whose lives have been ruined by the impact of Aids and HIV on their families.
  • Comic Relief cash is also given to approximately 70 charities in the UK and Africa. Some you may recognise include Oxfam, Sight Savers and Christian Aid. They help fund projects both at home and abroad.