Self Defence Taster Session

Posted by on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Self Defence Taster Session

Friday 4th October 1800 – 1900 at Woodstock Youth Centre.

We at Project Active would like to invite you to our Self Defence Taster Session, now that Autumn is upon us and the dark nights are closing in. We realise that this can lead to a time of uncertainty when trying keep active whilst out and about, so we invite you to come along and try our latest offering to keep you safe whilst you maintain your activities through these wintry months.


There are many self defence classes all over the country and the techniques you learn will vary slightly. As a rule, however, you do not have to be super fit to take part – just keen to learn how to feel more confident, safe and secure on the streets.  Within our training programme we look at the key concept of all self-defence lessons

Awareness & Defence Tactics

All work is carried out with a training partner or with the the coach,  so you become more aware of your own strength and that of a potential opponent. Participants are encouraged to practice their new skills.

Jim insists that the techniques he uses should require minimum force whilst delivering maximum effect. “Engagement is key, techniques should be performed on instinct, learnt largely through repetition and engrained” read more

See Jim’s latest video here

What people say

“Very impressed, really enjoyed it. Was happy to take things slowly to make sure we had the moves down right. Definitely up for a refresher course in the future”
Mike W

“It was really good fun! Great for women to learn simple, effective ways to protect themselves in a variety of situations. Jim was great, really keen to answer any questions and great laugh. The best sessions I found was when he bought in the protective pads and we were able to actually kick or punch against something so we could feel how it should impact someone if we were to use it in real life.  The final session taking him down proved to me I had taken on what I was taught and I feel a lot safer when I am out and about alone now. I would recommend this to anyone!”
Jess T

“I really enjoyed”
Tim J

“I thought this was really good and gave me some confidence in what to do in certain situations. Jim was very patient and knew his stuff”
Kim B

“I thought it was great… really useful, practical stuff.  Some of the moves were a bit complex to start with but I got there. I really liked what I learned and am sad that the course is over!”
Paula K

“The last 6 weeks have been awesome, I really learned a lot and feel a lot more confident being on my own because I would now know what to do. The information was really valuable and the experience was fun – Thank you!”
Elisa S

“I really enjoyed these classes and I was really disappointed that I could not make it to the last class as this would have been a great chance to practice what we had been learning all the way through. The techniques we were taught were really practical and really the more practice in real time scenarios that could be offered  the better.”
Kaelene M

“Wish I had done something like this years ago! Fun , informative and relaxed. Has given me lots to think about and how I would handle myself in a dangerous situation which I have never done before – Jim  is a  top bloke!”
Sharon H

No Cost, simply come and have a go – Booking is required!

Lastly can I please ask you to confirm that you wish to book a place of if you would like to discuss the options of running a course near you along and have a go,

What have you got loose ?- give it a go 

Healthy Regards