Summer Fitness Challenge 2013

Posted by on Thursday, June 27, 2013


It is that time of year where many of us are in the off season or preparing for school holidays which usually means our fitness takes a dip!

Which is why you need an objective, a goal to aim towards and what better than this one.  Get off the sofa, stop moaning about the British weather and lack of national sporting success – The time is NOW! The event of the summer is here –

The Super Spartan Race, 8 mile run consisting of mud,sweat and tears! (few other minor details as well)

Saturday 21st September 2013


Please have a look here for the specifics CLICK

We strongly urge you to have a look at the youtube video to get a flavour of what to expect,

We  also ask you register your place direct through their website and make  individual payment direct, at the very least book with a friend(s) as there is nothing worse than hitting the wall and having no support. With a team of trusted people you will have a great laugh all the way round as well as their support when you need (they can also carry you if injury happens).

We urge you to pester work colleagues, family, friends, your sports team to sign up and see what they are made off.!


  • Confirm place by booking direct with the above web link
  • Heat time – 11.00 start
  • Company / Organisation – Project Active
  • Scroll through the website for event specifics, FAQ’s etc
  • When place confirmed, let us know so we keep track of numbers and organise transport and keep you posted for local training runs for this.

On our return from the midlands  I am sure we can find a local drinking establishment to celebrate with a cheeky shandy or two.


Keep checking here for an updated list to see who has signed up for the main event this summer

  1.     Ben Scurr


See the photos from our Easter Bootcamp in Woodstock