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    Saturday 18th April 2015

    Monster Race at Cornbury 5k 0r 10k



     What is Monster Race all about?

    Having fun! To be blunt running can sometimes be rather bland. Pounding away on roads or a treadmill mile after mile can leave something to be desired. Pumping iron in a gym is great but you don’t always have a target event to train for. Monster Race solves these problems by mixing a run with interesting terrain, obstacles to test all elements of your fitness and the fun of getting muddy and wet.



    Do I need to be super fit to take part?

    No. The event is designed to be a challenge as well as a race.

    You are welcome to walk between obstacles if you do not fancy the idea of running the whole way.






    Join The Tribe

    Come and join us and the support you need to get round this race with a smile on your face.

    Please contact when signing up and receive our discount code when joining the Project Active Tribe

    As always, we will be looking to arrange a food & drink post event at a local pub




    What to do next

    1. Make the the right decision to sign up
    2. Contact us to receive our sign up code
    3. Sign up here
    4. Join us in  training  for this,  as simple running won’t quite cut it


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