<span>Training for</span> Health

Training for Health

Personal Training in Oxford and surrounding areas

All that stands between a good body and a great body is someone to push you just that little bit further than you would push yourself. Whatever your starting point, a personal trainer is just what you need to progress to the next level beyond any self-imposed limits - nothing is impossible!

<span>Group </span>Fitness

Group Fitness

Motivate each other with Group Fitness classes

Training on your own can be hard work and requires lots of self motivation. So why not join one of our fitness classes for rapid results amongst friends? Whether it’s with friends, family, partners, or colleagues we can come to you in your local community so that you can achieve your goals collectively.

Wellbeing for Business

Employee health for business wealth

Most people in employment spend 60% of their waking hours in work, making the workplace a great place to promote the benefits of enjoying a healthy, active, lifestyle. Employees with low fitness levels average 7.7 days of absence per year, and typically stay sicker for longer.


  • "I attend lunchtime fitness sessions held by Ben from Project Active with a number of my colleagues. My initial goal was to loose weight & feel better but Ben has really opened my eyes to how fun it can be"

    -Nick H, Travel Sales Specialist (Winter 2019)

  • " I have been to Ben's classes for 11 years now and have to say it changed everything for me, what started off as a mission to run 5k in a lot of pain has over last 2 years got me smashing 10k, half marathon, full marathon, triathlons and iron men events. Keep it going Ben!"

    - Lady Lisa, Woodstock,(Winter 2019)

  • "I engaged Ben's services through his long-standing reputation and flexibility around work hours for Personal Training sessions to fit in with a hectic work schedule and manic family life. The aim was simple - Recover from a slipped disc and lost fitness levels. Without over-egging it was life-changing for me. I could barely walk when we started and I'm running 10km several times a week now and living a much healthier life. Ben's careful observation of tailored workout sessions - ensuring everything was aligned and progressing properly"

    -Jon Goldsmith, 42 yrs, Tour Agent, Witney (Winter 2019)

  • "It has been a great 6 years with Ben, I have entered events that I would never have thought I could do and met other like-minded people at his fitness classes and his organized Events - such as Hadrian’s Wall walk and the 3 Yorkshire peaks. He has a great passion for his job and this in turn transfers to the client. Next Year I will be doing my first Triathalon and my first 100-mile road bike sportive event. This would not be possible without Ben's encouragement and his positive attitude. Ben is professional/friendly /knowledgeable and accurate knowledge of injuries and ways of resolving such matters"

    -Rahul Patel, 46 yrs , Dentist, Witney, Oxon, (Winter 2019)

  • "Ben run's team sessions at my work & I have personal training with him Ben explained the bigger picture of how we will build my strength and confidence back first and then created short sessions around my lunchtimes at work. Every exercise we did he corrected, helped me understand when I could push myself more and when to reign it back a bit. I used to be really into sports and HIIT style sessions but postpartum I couldn't really trust my body as much as before; my muscles felt so out of place. Although the exercises we are doing seem simple; with the right form, the right amount of repetitions and encouragement at the end of every session I feel as good as I used to after a HIIT session. I like his expertise and professionalism. He explains what's going on with my muscles and pushes me when I don't think I can go any further. It's a nice balance between breaking physical and mental barriers. I was skeptical at first because having always been into sports and fitness I felt comfortable in my workouts but Ben has really brought my confidence back - particularly postpartum I felt a little lost with what I could and couldn't do. I also like that he has a plan and we can build up setting my goals!"

    -Elisa Marshall, 32 yrs , Client Experience Exec, Witney