New Year, New You: How to Keep the Resolution Commitment

Posted by on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Year's ResolutionMaking a Commitment For The New Year

After the Christmas festivities and indulgences that go along with it, the New Year is a perfect chance for a fresh start.

Many of us see in the start of the New Year with a resolution or two, and often these are associated with looking after our health and fitness a bit more than in the previous 12 months. However, the first resolution that we need to make is to not forget our resolutions! This is the first challenge in approaching the new year in a new way. A commitment to a new year resolution is something that needs to stick, so that you can improve on it the following year.

In the first few weeks of January, people are more keen than at any other time to work hard on their fitness. It is an exciting period, but is all too soon interrupted by other priorities. In fact, one study by has suggested that up to 77% of people do not follow through on their resolutions; a staggering statistic.

The key in this instance is to approach your New Year’s resolution with caution and moderation, as well as determination. Although a commitment to hard work is important, you don’t want to burn yourself out by February 1st. It’s all about long-term planning, and developing a health & fitness strategy that you can develop to over time. Consistency is key, and this is something that the team at Project Active can help you with throughout the year.

Christmas Festivities

Whilst your mind may be turning to the New Year and your fresh commitments and resolutions, there is still plenty of time to enjoy yourself over the Christmas break. However, if your exercise regime usually takes a solid break over this period, perhaps commit to doing a little bit more this year than last year, in order to prepare yourself for the implementation of your year-long plan.

We all like to enjoy ourselves with family and friends over this special time, and there’s little point in stopping yourself from having the fun that you deserve. That said, don’t let it compromise your long-term plan!

A New Approach

The turn of the New Year is the most perfect time to develop an effective 12 month plan for yourself. With the right preparation, this can be a solid plan that you’re able to stick to in order to get the best from your exercise over the whole next 12 months.

If you’re dedicated to this approach for turn of the year and beyond, it is always a good idea to get settled into some form of regime before the Christmas begins, too. That way, the experience isn’t alien to you and you are able to push on with renewed vigour after January 1st with a plan already in place.

It is all about setting those important goals in advance, and working towards them over time. There is no use in saying that you will go to the gym 10 times a week, failing to keep up that unrealistic regime, and letting your resolution go to waste. Recent studies have thrown up incredible statistics from within the fitness industry. A survey from 2011 suggested that Brits may be wasting £37 million every year on unused memberships to gyms and for classes that they never attend.

New Year’s Resolutions

In general, there are a number of tips that can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. Not all will be health & fitness related, and many will be about your friends, family, and work. The key is to keep them simple, realistic and tangible – as echoed by Dan Diamond at Forbes;

  • Simple: Everybody has a multitude of priorities, and it’s hard enough to manage your day-to-day life without being concerned about an unrealistic resolution bucket list. If you keep them simple, you can tackle everything properly.
  • Tangible: “I want to lose a bit of weight” will not offer you a tangible measurement of whether your resolution will have been a success. Being specific will help you be successful.
  • Clear: If your goals aren’t too personal, make them known to friends and family, and document your progress. In the age of social media, this adds some more accountability to your efforts and you’ll receive support from those closest to you, as well as from strangers!

Get the Most Out of Training

New Year New YouWhilst the commitment to keeping yourself fit and healthy can be achieved alone, there’s no substitution for a bit of help and expert advice along the way. This is where Project Active come in, and we can assist you in developing and implementing a long-term plan that is realistic and highly effective.

Using our experience as coaches and fitness trainers, we’re able to suggest the best strategy for you, and promote the most effective way forward to improve your health & fitness. Every individual is different, and this is essential to remember We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of a training plan, and we work to make sure that your goals are not derailed along the way. Our job is to keep you on track and to provide you with the support to make your resolution a reality.

For more information about the health & fitness services we offer at Project Active, including personal training, group fitness, nutritional assessment and weight management, get in touch by calling 07940733102 or by contacting us here.