Fun & Productive Summer Fitness Activities

Posted by on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finally the time has come to enjoy great weather and escape the winter blues. You can begin your summer fitness plan by committing to get out of the office, out of the gym and out of the house and into the fresh air and sun. That is a pretty good place to start. Get your natural vitamin D and you will feel energized and empowered in no time!

The important thing about summer fitness ideas is to be flexible. Many of the exercises you do in the gym during winter will serve you well outdoors in the summer. Mind-body exercises like Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, qigong and Nia can be performed outside individually or in groups. If you want to meet your group, set up a standing date in local park or in someone’s backyard. You will get even more out of these exercises when you try them outside. Enjoy the workout, the scenery, the sun, the air and all the delightful sounds of nature.

Many mind-body exercisers enjoy an early morning wake-up routine. This will carry you through the day as well as become a very social way to start each day. We want to get the most out of each day so starting with a healthy mind and body is essential to an active day.

Walking & Jogging

Walking and jogging are especially enjoyable before the day’s heat sets in. Your walk will be more exhilarating in the cool, early morning air and your stride will be a little longer and stronger through the rest of the day.

If you like to walk or jog in a group or with a special friend, try to move your time up early in the morning when you have a full day of sunshine ahead of you. Some other enticing outdoor activity is bound to surface after work or after your household chores are complete.

Water Activities

Watersports and water activities are made for summer. Swimming is one of the best full-body forms of exercise. If you own a pool, swim a few laps every summer day. If you have access to lake water or the ocean, try to swim several times per week.

Don’t forget about water games like water polo. If you want  rigorous, all muscle therapy, water polo is an excellent workout. Exercising in the water is certain to improve your lung performance.

Canoeing, rowing and kayaking strengthen the arms and firm the back. If you do these rigorously, your abdomen and legs will also get a good workout. However, if you just do these exercises to enjoy summer, you will still derive many benefits. For example, if you kayak at about 5 miles per hour, you will burn about 400 calories per hour.


Hiking requires a good set of boots with support and a trail. You do not have to climb a mountain to enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits of hiking. Be sure to carry an ample supply of water. Hiking is usually the most fun when a friend or friends are in a group. It is also safer.

Hiking is a heart-healthy form of exercise. You will feel energized but make sure you stretch before, during and after the journey. Like walking and jogging, it’s always a good idea to carry a cellphone.


You do not have to be a competitive cycler to enjoy riding a bicycle in summer. You should have your bike checked before you begin and always make sure your tire pressure is good. Never ride without a helmet.

Cycling can be fun and a great family or group experience. It is a whole body workout and you can set your own pace. Benefits are heart, lung health and weight loss. You also get to be outdoors and enjoy nature. That’s what summer fitness is all about.