New Year’s resolutions waning?

Posted by on Sunday, January 29, 2017


Did you start off with good intentions and week by week your commitment and motivation have ebbed away? We all put on a few pounds in winter. Christmas overindulgence, long dark days and lack of sunshine can cause comfort-eating, SAD syndrome and a lack of energy.

What motivates you?

According to a new report by Psychology Today, we all have a different motivation profile and different ways of approaching exercise. Some of us exercise because we enjoy the social aspect or image, others mainly for their health. Some purely enjoy the skill and athletic ability it brings.

Set yourself realistic goals

Whatever drives you, the key is not giving up, and the easiest way to do that is to not make unrealistic goals in the first place. Baby steps are the answer, small achievable goals that keep you motivated. Discipline is also essential for fighting winter weight gain.


Banned language

Don’t allow yourself to say ‘Just this once’. It’s a slippery slope. Grit your teeth and don’t allow yourself to be persuaded or influenced by other people.

Plan an occasional treat, but don’t deviate from the plan

Unending deprivation is never a good idea but treats need to be planned in. Eat clean for ten days, and then treat yourself and set your next goal. A guilt-free reward is the answer, you’ll feel like you earned it which will be so much more fulfilling.

Keep moving

We eat more and move less in winter. Exercise will not only improve your mood and fitness, but you’ll be back in control of your weight gain. Try some cardio several times a week; get outside and enjoy the benefits of natural daylight and fresh air.

Try something new

Lack of motivation can be caused by boredom. Maybe you need to fall in love with exercise again. Try something new, you’ll find it invigorating and refreshing and you’ll be more inclined to do it again. Working out the same muscles in the body can also lead to lower results when it comes to weight loss and changing the shape of your body for the better.

Spring is around the corner

Spring will creep up on us before you know it, and you don’t want to get caught out, having let yourself go over the winter months. Remain one step ahead by keeping disciplined and motivated and you will reap the rewards later in the year.

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