Group Fitness: Team building for effective production

Posted by on Friday, March 1, 2013

By definition, a team is two or more people who have come together to fulfil a common goal. One factor that is made very clear by this definition is the fact that there is more than one mind at play here. This therefore means that friction between the different members of this group is inevitable as they all have different ideas and different ways of doing things. In an organisation, this friction can be kept bottled up and eventually, this could jeopardise the company’s progress. This is where team building comes into play – and what better way to approach team building than group fitness?

group fitnessTeam building involves bringing team members together to do activities that are not in any way related to their roles at work. These activities include games, retreats, breaks and so on. But what can really be achieved through fitness activities?

To start off, group fitness activities enable team players to trust each other. Since team players are working together to achieve a common goal, they are able to set aside personal differences and lean on each other’s strength in order to win. They learn to pursue the recognition and achievement of the team as opposed to individual recognition.

Group fitness also brings out hidden capabilities. The different activities call for a wide range of abilities. A person working as junior staff in an organisation may be better placed to handle and find solutions to a certain game that may be more challenging to senior members of staff. This then means that the junior staffer now feels more useful and gives the senior staff a new perspective of their ability and personality.

Team players are also better able to see their own weaknesses as individuals as well as a group. The different situations presented by team building activities stretch the team’s thought line forcing them to think out of the norm. This then enables them to see which situations really drain and waste their resources and which ones are useful and profitable.

Above all, group fitness enables the group to bond. Cohesiveness in a team really promotes productivity as each member gains a greater sense of belonging. Through team building and group fitness activities, different parts of the organisation blend and each individual’s personality is brought into light. It is common to find new friendships born from group fitness sessions. This trickles down to the organisation’s productivity as they all know who can help handle what easily. It also creates a better working environment where things get done in an efficient and highly effective way.

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