The Best Running Routes Around Oxford

Posted by on Thursday, March 13, 2014

Running & Jogging in Oxford


Great Places To Run & Jog In Oxford

Oxfordshire is undeniably one of the most beautiful counties in England. The area attracts tourists from across the world, whether it be for the rolling Cotswold hills, the glittering river walks, or the charming country pubs. For the residents of Oxford and the surrounding towns and villages, the countryside provides the ideal opportunity to get out and about and to enjoy the outdoors. For those that love hiking or cycling, there are countless routes around the county to enjoy. Likewise, for those residents who like to keep fit by running or jogging, Oxfordshire is a great place to be.

In this article, we will explore some of Oxfordshire’s best running and jogging routes. These are varying distance and difficulty, but all take in the beautiful views of Oxford and the surrounding area. The maps are taken from; a useful resource for all keen runners and joggers.

The City Centre – 3 Miles

Oxford Running TrailsThe architecture in central Oxford provides an inspirational backdrop to your running, and this route takes in all of Oxford’s finest buildings and parks.
Starting on Parks Road next to the Radcliffe Science Library, the route takes you up past the famous Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum. The path then takes you through the Oxford University Parks and up past the stunning River Cherwell. After a jog through the park, you rejoin the Banbury road and head North towards Summertown. After an about-turn, you return to Central Oxford along Woodstock road and back past the Parks. This is a relatively flat route throughout.

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The Port Meadow 10K

Running In OxfordWhilst 10k runs may not be for the fainthearted, this particular route takes in some of Oxford’s most beautiful views. This run around the famous Port Meadow is exceptionally nice during Summer, but can be done all year-round if there no unfortunate flooding in the area. Beginning and ending in the heart of Oxford, this route takes you Westwards across the railway line into the peaceful surroundings of Port Meadow. Running past the Cripley Meadow Allotments and Fiddler’s Island, the route then takes you along the banks of the famous River Thames and through Wolvercote. The return leg runs along Woodstock Road and back into Central Oxford.

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The Canal Run – 5 Miles

Running Routes in OxfordThis route circles around Central Oxford, first heading South past the Bodleian Library and Merton College into the beautiful Magdalen College School Playing Fields. Following the stream to the River Thames, the route takes you past the swans and geese lining the riverbanks and past the famous Head of the River pub on Abingdon Road. Continuing up the river banks, this route takes the runner to Western Oxford and past the train station. The Northern section and return takes you past Oxford College and through the University Parks.

This run has a total ascent of 10.37 m and has a maximum elevation of 70.91 m.

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The Cowley Fiver

Cowley Running TrailCowley is a popular area to live in Oxford, and there are a number of fine running routes in this part of town; one of which is this five miler. Whilst it may not be the most visually inspiring route, it takes in some of Oxford’s most vibrant areas and has a good mixture of elevation and flatness. Starting on Iffley Road, the route runs down towards Cowley Centre and up Hollow Way.

The Route runs back down past Oriel College Recreation Ground and the famous South Park. The final leg goes through the lovely area of St. Clements, before finishing back at Iffley Road.

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The Big One – North Oxford to Sutton Courtenay

Half Marathon Run OxfordThis 27k run is definitely not one for the fainthearted! Designed mainly as a Half Marathon trial run, the route runs from Wolvercote in North Oxford to Sutton Courtenay, near Milton and just South of Abingdon. The run takes in some of the most stunning areas around Oxford, following the River Thames past Port Meadow, through Oxford, and alongside the meadows and flood plains down the valley. The route finishes up in the lovely village of Sutton Courtenay.

Due to its length, this route is fairly tough. If you are only a casual runner or jogger, ensure that you are properly prepared before tackling these distances.

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