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    Training for Health

     <span>Training for</span> Health

    Personal Training in Oxford and surrounding areas

    All that stands between a good body and a great body is someone to push you just that little bit further than you would push yourself. Whatever your starting point, a personal trainer is just what you need to progress to the next level beyond any self-imposed limits - nothing is impossible!

    Group Fitness

    <span>Group </span>Fitness

    Motivate each other with Group Fitness classes

    Training on your own can be hard work and requires lots of self motivation. So why not join one of our fitness classes for rapid results amongst friends? Whether it’s with friends, family, partners, or colleagues we can come to you in your local community so that you can achieve your goals collectively.

    Wellbeing for Business

    Employee health for business wealth

    Most people in employment spend 60% of their waking hours in work, making the workplace a great place to promote the benefits of enjoying a healthy, active, lifestyle. Employees with low fitness levels average 7.7 days of absence per year, and typically stay sicker for longer.

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